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●The current situation of the developmen.
Beijing sitebo storage rack Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is committed to the modern logistics technology development, research, design, production and installation of integrated professional company. With strong technical force and advanced production equipment, as well as mature production technology and perfect quality assurance system. Enterprise after 13 years of entrepreneurial process, has now become the north area of storage equipment manufacturing industry's pilot enterprises.
Company for many years determined in the manufacturing and development of storage equipment, is now a well-known domestic enterprises to complete thousands of large warehouses. Products have been involved in many industries such as: logistics, medicine, clothing, electronics, coatings, printing, tobacco and other industries. Success: the National People's Congress Centre, the Chinese people's Liberation Army, Navy, and air force, Beijing Capital International Airport, Tianjin Dagang oil field, Huaxin energy, Powerlong logistics, automobile 4S shop... And exported to Sweden, Canada, South Korea, the United Kingdom, Australia, the United States and other countries. So that the company in the warehousing equipment manufacturing industry gradually moving towards maturity.
●The development of history
Until the middle of 2002, sitebo successfully completed the first phase of enterprise development planning, successfully established facilities comprehensive and elite production base and complete and perfect the production process and service system, resolutely opened the door towards a national market. In 2004, Stewart Bo to accelerate the completion of the enterprise development programme for the second part of the, better products and reputation promotion to the country and even overseas, just two or three years will set under the total annual production of more than 60 million, distribution outlets across 46 provinces and cities nationwide gratifying Ka Ji, living in the same industry productivity growth rate in the first, won the clients in northern China is energetically favored by all parties and firm support in ended the second phase of the development plan of the company -- -- the marketing, promotion, prudent and quickly established development set the third stage direction, the official blew to overseas to enter the horn.  

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