Beijing storage shelves suitable for electronic factory?

To know what storage shelves for electronic factory, you have to know what the electronic factory is doing, just as its name implies, is to do the electronic products, such as mobile phone accessories, computer accessories, electrical accessories and other electronic products. Below we first understand the characteristics of electronic factory, only by understanding the electronic factory some more, we can be traced back, find what storage shelves for electronics factory.

Electronic factory features:

1 many kinds of raw materials, materials are hard to find, find time consuming.

2 material is small, irregular, difficult to classify receive.

3 lot of products, a lot of time to check the material is also found in the near future, the material has been used up.

4 material is not clear how much, how much is left.

According to characteristics of the above electronic factory, Beijing shelves recommend you choose medium-sized shelf, medium-sized shelves each shelf according to the customer what they need to display parts box or any other storage box, corresponds to the place where can borrowing labels. According to the size of the warehouse and the weight of the material, the number to select the corresponding storage shelves, the height of each shelf, shelves, shelves, the depth of the main shelf. Medium shelf is spliced and combined type, column and the supporting plug and steel plate flutter in support, steel plate positioning pin fixed, without any bolts, convenient installation and disassembly, laminates with 50 mm for the section of the distance can be adjusted, the shelf layer load each layer is 150kg~500kg.

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