Beijing supermarket shelves acceptance of what

Beijing supermarket shelves in the installation is required to carry out the appropriate inspection and acceptance, in order to confirm whether in accordance with a certain standard, whether the quality and quantity. Below to carefully understand the need to check what specific aspects, and what specific considerations.

In fact, the inspection and acceptance of the supermarket shelves in Beijing is divided into four steps.

1 Beijing supermarket shelves after the installation is completed, clean the site, the construction side to adhere to the shelves are the correct installation of the drawings, to ensure the quality of the project.

2 the acceptance of Beijing supermarket shelves: shopping malls are mainly in accordance with the requirements of the shopping mall, and whether the review of the drawings to the mall to produce, the effect is to achieve the planning requirements of shopping malls.

3 Beijing shelf factory, the relevant person in charge told us that in the process of acceptance must pay attention to power, whether the wire is in accordance with the requirements of the mall to do; to pay attention to whether the destruction of the shopping malls and other equipment and facilities.

4 Party A acceptance: general shopping malls acceptance, Party A will not have too big problem, that is, some details of whether to meet the construction requirements, to ensure that the supermarket shelf technology is to meet the requirements, after all, supermarket shelves and Beijing light shelves are different process types.
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