The unique charm of Beijing stable shelf factory

Beijing stable storage rack factory for the various properties of stainless steel and on the shelves of the research design are have their own unique insights and experience, after all, is a focus on the production of stainless steel shelves in Beijing. Stainless steel shelves in our life and work in the application is also very extensive, is a lot of the industry's indispensable shelf supplies.

In stainless steel shelves, stainless steel table has its unique charm, people in all the shelf products, stainless steel work table is the most favorite. Stainless steel working table using SUS international standard 304 welding production, in accordance with GMP standards, no dead ends, easy to clean, the use of circular arc type design. Dust free workshop can be laid on the demand of the desktop can also be spread anti-static desk pad, can also be configured to prevent static electricity in time to guide the wrist.

Beijing stainless steel shelves work table is widely used in electronic production workshop, clean room, scientific research, medical, industrial, and other social fields, by customers. Stainless steel working table is simple, high strength, can make the work table to bear the weight of the. The use of advanced welding technology welding forming, beautiful appearance, rational design, effectively improve the work efficiency. Surface finish corrosion resistance, effective to prevent the breeding of good products. Users can choose a variety of materials, can be used to meet the requirements of different. The seamless and welded structure stent 40 * stainless steel square tubes, desk by 18mm board, surface welding matte stainless steel plate, SMT stainless steel working table can be according to the requirements of the post green anti static rubber. Other configuration, such as lighting, instrument table, socket and technology board can be in accordance with the actual needs.

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