Which is Beijing's warehouse shelves.

What is the main frame? What is a deputy? What is the difference between the main frame and the auxiliary frame? The problem is the storage shelves or customer service staff will often be the customer asked the question, today, Beijing warehouse shelves on the customer to answer this question in detail.
1, shelf according to whether to be able to stand alone, can be divided into the main frame and sub frame, just as its name implies, the main frame is to be able to put the shelf, while the vice frame is the need to rely on the main frame can be placed, in other words, the Deputy can not be placed alone;
2, storage shelves, heavy shelves and medium-sized shelves are the main sub frame, although the composition between the two is not the same, but the basic structure is the framework and cross beam assembly, but the proportion of medium-sized shelf storage shelves, and each of the main frame is composed of two frames and beams, but vice frame is composed of a frame and beams;
3, because the vice frame less than the main frame of a frame, so the cost of the vice frame of the price is lower, while the price of the Ji Weiyi vice - frame;
4, usually the case, many customers are a row of shelves, so this will need to consider the use of the main structure of the structure, and how the Beijing warehouse shelves to your price only one, you need to ask for details, the price is reasonable.
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