What are the basic components of manufacturing shelf material

Shelf of traditional material is wood, metal (steel, aluminum, glass, in foreign countries have used glass steel instead of wood and metal, glass is replaced by an organic glass, glass steel has excellent mechanical, and lightweight, semi transparent, colored, forming free, low cost and other characteristics.

Generally is composed of square steel and ABS materials

Characteristics of ABS pipe

(1) work under high pressure: the pressure is 1.OMpa at room temperature 2OC.

(2) good impact resistance: only ductile deformation produced during when the surprise attack.

(3) the chemical properties of the product are stable, non-toxic and tasteless, and are fully in line with the requirements of the health safety of the pharmaceutical, food and other industries.

(4) the fluid resistance is small, its inner wall is smooth, the turning point is circular arc, and the flow friction force is small, which greatly reduces the fluid resistance and the pump power.

(5) the use of a large temperature range: the use of the temperature range of -2O to +70. (6) long service life: This product is generally available in the interior for 50 years, such as buried in the ground or in the water longer life, and no obvious corrosion.

Beijing shelf shelf

(7) the installation is simple and convenient. The product is installed with a socket type connection solvent bonding sealing, the construction is simple, fast curing speed, high adhesive strength, to avoid the existence of the general pipeline run, run, drip, leakage phenomenon.

(8) the weight is light, save investment: the weight of ABS is steel 1/7, thus reducing the structural weight, reducing the labor intensity of workers, and reducing the consumption of raw materials, can greatly save engineering investment.

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