Where it can be seen from the regional advantages of Beijing

In recent years, Beijing actively implement policies and measures to accelerate the development of the logistics industry, the city's logistics industry development scale, quality and efficiency improved significantly. In 2014, the contribution rate of Beijing's logistics industry to GDP was 9.5%, which has become an important growth point to support the economic development of the city.

With the rapid development of Beijing economy, the professional logistics system matched with all kinds of leading industry is constantly improving, and the shelf is gradually forming a large number of logistics center. At present, the city's logistics enterprises have more than 1, the registered capital of 100000000 yuan more than 30 enterprises, logistics enterprises in the professional, large-scale development quickly. Next, the city will focus on the "along the way" national strategy, to fully play the Beijing East and West, connecting the north and south, the location of the central and western regional advantages, to create the Silk Road Economic Zone business logistics center.

April 17, municipal committee, deputy mayor Yue Huafeng went to the yellow vest logistics and distribution company, red sun warehousing and logistics company, ProLogis Park, BES Huitong Beijing allocated center, Leon group, made an investigation on the city's logistics industry development. Shelves and municipal departments to study the formulation of policies, from the land, taxation and other aspects, to increase support for the development of logistics enterprises, and actively coordinate and solve specific problems, and effectively improve the logistics industry development speed and quality of development, to lay a solid foundation for the current steady growth and long-term structure.

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