The description of beam rack

Heavy beam type shelf is currently the most widely used shelf type, with a strong versatility, can be adapted to various types of goods, according to the size of the goods required to adjust the height of the beam. The heavy beam type rack is mainly composed of an upright post, a cross beam, a transverse support, an inclined support and a self locking bolt. The connection between beam and column with mechanical lock structure, easy assembly. The crossbeam adopt special cold rolling P type closed beam; the structure is simple and reliable, light weight, bearing capacity and low cost characteristics of; column card and column connection with special design the safety pin, can ensure that the beam in the external impact will not fall off. According to the characteristics of the storage unit container equipment installation such as: every file, steel plate (laminated wood), a wire mesh layer, warehousing cage guide, drum rack etc. functional accessory. According to the user's actual usage: pallet load requirements, pallet size, warehouse space, the actual lifting height of the forklift, can provide different specifications of the beam type heavy shelves for customers to choose.

Heavy crossbeam type goods shelves generally use the cold rolling of special steel production, column by 80 (90) X60 (70) Omega type steel surface washed diamond hole member, beam by 80x50-100x50-120x50-140x50-160x50 hold welding beam is connected with the pendant and, general tray instead of plate convenient forklift. Layer load 1 tons to 5 tons of design, the surface electrostatic spray, rust proof, waterproof anti corrosion ability is stronger, high safety coefficient, inserting type combination, do not need with screws and welding, assembly is convenient, make full use of the space area, providing storage capacity.

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