The Characteristic of the cantilever rack 

The cantilever rack is composed of columns, beams and cantilever column. The column uses the automatic pre filling hole rolling standard Shuangpin C type special type steel as column, to 200, 140 I-steel as the bottom beam, beam column using special ladder board and use of high-strength bolt connection. The cantilever beam is double hem in C welding. Cantilever beam and column galvanized plate connecting pin. Connection between column groups. (pillar with H steel or cold rolled steel cantilever, square tube, cold rolled steel or H steel. The cantilever and the connection between column using plug or bolt, the base and the connection between column by bolts). More than one load of up to 1000kg, especially reinforced column structure, can withstand the pressure of 2000~3000kg. Composite structure, special section steel column, the design of back pull increase stability, high strength cantilever (arm for one-sided or two-sided), with light structure, good load capacity, space utilization rate higher characteristic.

Cantilever shelf advantage:

1, all the combined cantilever shelf series, disassembly, transport, regulation, movement is simple and convenient, safe and reliable.

2, the use of adjustable column, according to adjust the spacing between the clapboards partition and exit the actual needs.

3, can fully improve space utilization rate, make the warehouse material management norms, standardization, matching and stacker crane or forklift, both to improve the efficiency of material circulation, reduce the cost of storage and transportation, environment and economic benefits and improve the mechanization level of materials circulation, reduce labor intensity, improve working conditions.

4, the length of cantilever shelf according to site conditions, free combination.

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