Turnover box, also known as logistics box. It is widely used in machinery, automobiles, home appliances, light industry, electronics, and other industries, acid and alkali resistant, oil resistant, non-toxic and tasteless, used to contain food, easy to clean, convenient parts turnover, neatly stacked, easy to manage. Its reasonable design, excellent quality, is suitable for the transportation, distribution, storage, distribution, processing and other links in the logistics of the factory. The turnover box can be matched with many kinds of logistics container and working station. It is used in many kinds of situations such as warehouse and production. It is more and more important for the logistics management.

Heat resistance cold
The cold resistance of the hot and cold box is relatively high, and can not be deformed in high temperature water, and can be used to disinfect the water.
To have excellent impact resistance, pressure or impact is not easy to be broken, do not leave scratches, can be used for life.
Seal up
This is one of the most important considerations in choosing a take out box. Although different brands of products in different ways, but the excellent sealing is the necessary condition for the storage of memory food.
International seal measurement standards are based on the humidity test to assess the quality of fresh boxes to be lower than the similar products through 200 times, can be longer time to keep food fresh.
Multi function
According to the needs of life, design different sizes, with repeated use ice bag technology use, ice bag can be cold insulation can ensure thermal (ice minimum can be chilled to 190 DEG C, the maximum can be heated to 200 DEG C can be made arbitrarily cut size)
Environmental protection
Food grade LLDPE material, non-toxic, tasteless, UV resistant, not easy to change color

Beijing stable storage rack Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is committed to the modern logistics technology development, research, design, production and installation of integrated professional company. With strong technical force and advanced production equipment, as well as mature production technology and perfect quality assurance system. Won more than 10 qualification certificates. Enterprise after decades of entrepreneurial process, has become the north area of storage equipment manufacturing industry's pilot enterprises.
Company for many years determined to the manufacture and development of storage equipment, product types are: automatic three-dimensional warehouse, shuttle type shelves, gravity type shelves, pressure into the shelf, shelf life, heavy shelves, cross beam type shelves, through the type of shelf, line rod type shelves, shelf, medium and light shelves and other logistics warehousing equipment. Has now completed thousands of large warehouses for various well-known enterprises in china. Products have been involved in many industries such as aerospace, logistics, medicine, clothing, electronics, coatings, printing, tobacco, cold chain, mechanical equipment, hardware tools, building materials, chemical, printing, processing toys, textiles, electronics, home, instrumentation, metallurgy, food, security equipment and other industries. There are success stories: Beijing Capital Airport, Academy of space, people's Congress Centre, Seismological Bureau, Aeronautical Research Institute, China International Center for poverty reduction, Beijing Armed Police Corps office supplies, China Post, Public Security Bureau, fire bureau, Beijing Stamp factory, press, China Mobile, Industrial University, Wumart, Xin Fang Sheng Hardware ZJS, BES logistics, Southwest Logistics, Sheng Feng Logistics, China Japan Friendship Hospital, children's Hospital, Lancy dress, ochirly, Tianjin Dagang oil field, Huaxin energy, automobile 4S shop, electric power equipment General Factory, Haohua energy, DHL, Aerospace Research Institute of materials,...... And exported to Sweden, Canada, South Korea, the United Kingdom, Australia, the United States, Germany and other countries. So that the company in the warehousing equipment manufacturing industry gradually moving towards maturity.
The company has always been adhering to the "pioneering spirit, sincere service, efficient operation; quality; the pursuit of innovation, the first fight forever." The enterprise idea, expressed sitebo staff to develop innovative ideas and firm and indomitable spirit.

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