Characteristic description:

Plastic tray (pallet) is to facilitate cargo handling, transport, storage and distribution, and the use of load and forklift socket for loading and unloading plate. It is the logistics industry in the most humble, but a kind of logistics equipment, is the main means of static goods into the dynamic goods, plastic tray is widely used in the logistics transportation industry. Become an important tool in the logistics industry. Convenient use, light weight, reasonable design, surrounded by inserting, easy to operate, both for each other in the warehouse stacking, and suitable for use in various types of shelves; suitable for all types of truck transportation, convenient material, containerized transport units, convenient forklift, hydraulic pallet trucks and other transportation tools, with non slip rubber mat to ensure material in the handling and transportation process will not slip, plastic tray use and manual hydraulic forklift handling transport vehicle and used as a mat board positions, to improve the mechanized transport efficiency and ensure warehouse storage quality plays an important role, especially on soft carton of storage and transportation can significantly reduce the breakage rate.

Several major characteristics of plastic pallets:

1, four can be inserted, easy to operate;

2, both suitable for each other in the warehouse stacking, and suitable for the use of all types of shelves;

3, suitable for all types of trucks, containerized transport units, convenient material;

4, convenient forklift, hydraulic pallet trucks and other transportation tools;

5, with non slip rubber, to ensure that the material in the process of handling and transportation will not fall;

6, long service life, and can be followed by bad;

7, the use of safety, health, plastic tray mothproof, without repair.

Beijing stable storage rack Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is committed to the modern logistics technology development, research, design, production and installation of integrated professional company. With strong technical force and advanced production equipment, as well as mature production technology and perfect quality assurance system. Won more than 10 qualification certificates. Enterprise after decades of entrepreneurial process, has become the north area of storage equipment manufacturing industry's pilot enterprises.
Company for many years determined to the manufacture and development of storage equipment, product types are: automatic three-dimensional warehouse, shuttle type shelves, gravity type shelves, pressure into the shelf, shelf life, heavy shelves, cross beam type shelves, through the type of shelf, line rod type shelves, shelf, medium and light shelves and other logistics warehousing equipment. Has now completed thousands of large warehouses for various well-known enterprises in china. Products have been involved in many industries such as aerospace, logistics, medicine, clothing, electronics, coatings, printing, tobacco, cold chain, mechanical equipment, hardware tools, building materials, chemical, printing, processing toys, textiles, electronics, home, instrumentation, metallurgy, food, security equipment and other industries. There are success stories: Beijing Capital Airport, Academy of space, people's Congress Centre, Seismological Bureau, Aeronautical Research Institute, China International Center for poverty reduction, Beijing Armed Police Corps office supplies, China Post, Public Security Bureau, fire bureau, Beijing Stamp factory, press, China Mobile, Industrial University, Wumart, Xin Fang Sheng Hardware ZJS, BES logistics, Southwest Logistics, Sheng Feng Logistics, China Japan Friendship Hospital, children's Hospital, Lancy dress, ochirly, Tianjin Dagang oil field, Huaxin energy, automobile 4S shop, electric power equipment General Factory, Haohua energy, DHL, Aerospace Research Institute of materials,...... And exported to Sweden, Canada, South Korea, the United Kingdom, Australia, the United States, Germany and other countries. So that the company in the warehousing equipment manufacturing industry gradually moving towards maturity.
The company has always been adhering to the "pioneering spirit, sincere service, efficient operation; quality; the pursuit of innovation, the first fight forever." The enterprise idea, expressed sitebo staff to develop innovative ideas and firm and indomitable spirit.

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