◆stable storage rack Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is committed to the modernization of logistics technology development, research, design, production and installation of professional manufacturers. With strong technical force and product development capability, advanced production equipment, mature production technology and perfect quality assurance system. The main products are: storage type light weight type, medium volume type, weight type, special auxiliary equipment and all kinds of non - standard rack.
◆The company from the most basic simple configuration of the shelf to the reservoir area planning, transport storage equipment configuration and warehouse material management and other aspects to provide you with a series of quality services.
◆Company for many years determined in the manufacturing and development of storage equipment, is now a well-known domestic enterprises to complete thousands of large warehouses. Products are widely used in Electromechanical, aerospace, electronics, machinery, automobile, telecommunications, railways, ports, food, textile, petrochemical, education, finance, logistics, medicine, clothing, coating, printing, tobacco and other industries.
◆The company is willing to take the leading technology, excellent products, reasonable price, dedicated to serve you!

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